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Oct 06, 2012 - 3 comments

Why does everyone have to put a label on what they think is wrong with you?  Nobody knows what is going on with me so instead of helping and addressing the actual problem they just keep telling me I'm this and that and every doctor has a different diagnosis, but none of them seem to really fit...  I know I cannot be the only person in the world to be like this!!! I don't seem to fit in there specific little labels, so WHO CARES what you think it's called, just friggen FIX ME!!!!!  I am doing the work, everything that every doctor tells me to do, prescribes me etc.  I think I have been on more medication in the last 2 years then my entire life...  And every new doctor has a new diagnosis (which doesn't seem to fit) and changes or adds more pills... Then when they can't figure me out the cast me off to the next doctor to start/continue the process all over again!  I hate my life and if nobody (including me) can fix it then let me go!  Quit guilting me into this...   And I am just venting not attempting!

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by margypops, Oct 07, 2012
Good journal and I bet many feel the same as you. I dont think labels help and there are so many of fact on here every other day I see more labeling of children for different new 'disorders'  I wonder why and so many are on really horrifying drugs with really nasty side effects, I am not against all of them and I will say some folks have to take them to function but its the mix and so many that bothers me .

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by sadmomma4, Oct 07, 2012
I am on over 30 pills a day and that's after I made them take a bunch away...  I bet I was on more then 50 pills a day at the height of it!  I can't function on so much:(. And they constantly threaten me if I discontinue use.  Well I have been slowly taking away one pill at a time to get rid off some of these... Secretly!  I hate being so medicated and I realize its to prevent me from hurting myself, but perhaps that's just life, and I'm not suppose to be kept alive on all this medication?!?!  I don't have the answers I just know I don't want to be so drugged everyday!  And I doubt I'm any of the diagnosis' they are trying to label me with!!!!  I doubt most people are, when you can go from one dr to another and get different diagnosis each dr they have a bigger problem then you do!

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by margypops, Oct 08, 2012
Good for you., I think the way meds have been prescribed and dished out like candy has been appalling andI hope folks realise more and more they are better off trying other methods of feeling better .Now I have also thought that some have to take meds and that is different ..I went to the doc about 5 years ago just before I joined MH I asked that he checked my sugar level, which he did, it came back okay he then told me I was suffering from anxiety and put me on Lexapro and xanax   I was a bit surprised as I didnt think I was anxious but like many I had some faith in my Doctor ...well I had many side effects one was memory loss, and I didnt feel well head aches etc    So after about 6 months on this stuff I decided to speak to the doctor again and I told him I wanted to stop them, how should I do it, he didnt want me to, told me I hadnt taken them long enough, but I told him I want off, how do I do it I persisted, ...he told me to half the dose of Xanax first incidently xanax is highly addictive and people should not take it for long time ..well I did have bad side effects including tinnitus which has never gone now and brain zaps they did eventually go ., my memory returned okay almost as soon as I stopped . I vowed that I would not take any more meds in fact I would be my own advocate and doctor using natural methods of healing .To this day I wont go unless its something I cannot help myslef with ...So I think you will find you will feel better I hope you dont have much with drawal.

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