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I fear sleep because the pain that greats me when I wake is terrifying

Oct 09, 2012 - 0 comments

It seems like mornings and bed time, really will be the death of me. Getting to sleep no matter how exhausted I am, is a torturous waiting game. And long before my alarm wakes me, and usually before the sun even has fully risen I'm awoken by the intense pain in my soul, like its aware of the fact the other half of it has been gone so much longer then ever before, and it wakes up like a child screaming out in fear because of all the darkness closing in. Nothing comforts me, nothing makes the pain go away, I fear sleep because I'm terrified of the pain I know is waiting when I wake. I miss that special place on his chest where I had always fit perfectly like puzzle pieces. I missvall of him, how could I have allowed us too come to this? I'm so sorry babe

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