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Mom's CABG Journey

Oct 11, 2012 - 0 comments








August 24, 2012. My 83 yr old mother went for heart cath & possible stents. During procedure she was rushed to surgery for a CABG. She had triple bypass with two of the arteries 99% blocked. She had two lines of heparin running when transported for surgery to another hospital about five miles away from cath site. (The surgeon & cardio. doc disagreed on the correct guidelines on the use of heparin before surgery).  Anyway, other than the heavy bleeding during surgery she done very well. She was in ICU about five days then downgraded to CCU for another five days. She was doing great. She opted for rehab and recovery at a nursing home when she was gently exercised and given therapy. About three weeks after her surgery she started experiencing very severe pain in her chest area. Tests: CT, chest x-rays, blood tests, EKG's all good. No explanation for the pain other than post op pain. When I say severe pain she was practically screaming and crying.  Sitting upright seems to help...but the pain is unbearable.  We keep Norco in her about every five to six hours 24/7.  Sometimes the Norco does not manage the pain and about an hour and 1l2 after she takes it she will have a sudden onset.  I might add the pain is usually sudden onset - sometimes radiating into left arm. She says the pain runs in diagonal direction across her breastbone.with the worse centered just below the right breast plate two or three inches from the incision site.  It seems the doctors we have seen (which have been several over the past two months) seem to dismiss her as it being in her "head". I know my mother. She is a tough little lady and this pain is real.  Sometimes she has vomiting with dry heaves, and of course constipation is a constant problem. (which we treat with lax. and suppositories and roughage) .  I am at wit's end thinking I should be able to help her..I can hardly stand to see my little mom like this.

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