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Jan 24, 2009 - 3 comments




So I joined this forum to get advice from other people, only to find out that entries can be deleted without warnings. I can understand it in the forums if some comments are abusive or too opinionated, but to delete someone's journal entry, too? I didn't even know they weren't private until I saw a post from someone else complaining about it. I'm so glad I never posted any "real" (personal) entries because I use my journal entries to update my pdoc! Now I'm debating whether or not I should state my thoughts on here... I'm angry and confused about this, and I would LOVE to know what was said in a reply to my post to make it be deleted; or was it my question itself? Either way, I still got an update but the link is gone... ah, well.

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by Cherie762, Apr 11, 2009
honestly journals or posts are onlu deleated if a member slanders or is directly negative and names another member...also the mods dont like or tolerate..foul language..dont hesitate to express your self,,,we all have venting days..pity partys,,,( as we call them) its healthy and good to let out your feelings....

also if ones journal or post is ever deleated you will get a polite email from MH officals explaining why....repeat offenders those who deliberately slander someone they dont like etc,,,,can get baned.

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by MJIthewriter, Apr 11, 2009
Sometimes the journal owners delete posts or their journal (or set it to private).  If you made a comment on a journal, you can politely ask the owner of the journal. (politely is the key word.)  The author may or may not tell you.  If they don't then you may have to let it go and keep that in mind the next time you see a journal from them or that subject.

Sometimes the mods will send you an email if they removed your entries.  You can also try asking the admins.  Link to the post or journal in question.  Admins and mods can see the deleted comments and let you know why it was removed.  If the mods can't find your comment, then that means the author of the journal removed your comment.

As a general rule journals and posts venting about things going on the website, relationship issues between members, comments about the moderation, etc tend to get axed, especially if it gets hijacked by other members wanting to vent about their issues.  Such entries tend to get heated.

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by Jaybay, Apr 11, 2009
I see Jester's journal entry is quite old having been written back in January, but I see the "privacy" issue complaints come up time after time.  To try to clarify, each member can make their journal public or private, yet even a private designation may eventually show up through a search engine.  All members must realize that NOTHING written on any internet forum is truly private.  If one must vent to the extent that the entry isn't fit for public consumption, then it's best to do so offline.

If it was a MH moderator or administrator who deleted the entry, they should have sent a private message indicating why it was done - as MJ notes above.  Of course, sometimes that notification doesn't happen for one reason or another so the best thing to do is send a message to the mods for clarification.  I've seen a very few instances where posts or journals were mistakenly deleted, and a quick note to a moderator corrects it.  Try not to assume that you're being persecuted for some mysterious reason.

In all honesty, MH is one of the best moderated forums in which I've participated.  The mods here really do work hard to make it a fun and informative place for all members.  We may not always agree with some decisions, but there are more than enough forums on the internet that allow coarse language and flaming posts, that I'm glad that sort of thing isn't easily tolerated here.

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