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Work/Choice of foods

Oct 15, 2012 - 1 comments

I believe my stress towards the end of my shift from an upset cust and a combination of bad eating triggered a bad anxiety attack soi had to wait about 40 mins at work sitting down before I could leave and took a half of Xanax and drove home and went straight to sleep.

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by christal4774, Nov 21, 2012
Isn't it funny how everything goes together? Angry customer, bad eating, anxiety/stress, lack of sleep, need for medication.... Been there and don't want to go back. I had to get a different job and realize I'm not crazy. Sometimes we are put in situation to make us realize what we need. I stopped making others happy, found the things that brought me joy, and reduced situation/people that caused me stress. Sounds simple and I struggle everyday but the fact that you are writing and trying to get better means you have started your way... Exercise has been my life jacket. I hated running but I love it now. I even started salsa ing, Studio X classes (kind way of saying pole dancing classes), cooking, and giving back to my first love; high school track. Sit and find the things that make you happy. Hell dancing and singing with the music really loud makes me laugh! Eat a doughnut one a week. Drink a glass a wine while cooking (okay guys do beer right?) BE HAPPY and make time for yourself. Oh and reading a book in bed helps stop my mind racing before bed time. When you notice you get stuck (thinking about the same thing over and over) face it! Create a solution or ask yourself if thinking about it is going to make it go away? It is time for you to get your fun back!    

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