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Oct 16, 2012 - 0 comments


We were at our old house in the backyard and it was Fall weather. There was an apple tree full of peacocks. But these were no ordinary peacocks. They were about 3 ft tall and nested high above in the apple trees.  But these were no ordinary apple trees.  The apples were as huge as watermelons,  green colored and the peacocks gathered them and used them as their nests. I went outside and disturbed the tree, a huge green apple fell to the ground and then a peacock followed.  I backed up and started heading for the back door as they followed me slowly.  I ran into the house and left them outside behind me.  They returned to the tree.  I went to tell my mother and by the time we walked back together to the apple tree, most of the apples were gone and so were the peacocks.  My dad was out there with tree trimmers cutting the tree down. I began throwing any type of ball I could at the tree to knock down the remaining peacocks. A tennis ball, basketball, soccer ball. Finally there were no more apples... dammit, I wanted some of those huge apples. Daddy told me not to eat any of the apples because they were bitter and rotten because the peacocks "fertilized them". The peacocks were all gone. I gave the balls to some little boys who were playing on the other side of the fence. They refused them so I sat the balls down next to the fence just in case they changed their minds.

To see a peacock in your dream represents spring, birth, new growth, longevity, and love. It is a good omen, signaling prestige, success and contentment in your relationship or career. Alternatively, the peacock signifies pride, confidence and vanity. You may be showing off too much or are overly arrogant with your success and achievements. A peacock may also suggest that many eyes are watching you.
You want to be admired but will be disappointed. Maybe you are too ambitious.

In particular, to see green apples represent developing love or love that has yet to blossom. if the apples were green, bitter, or tainted in some way then you are in danger of losing something through mistake or foolishness that you would have otherwise gained.

To see rotten or eaten apples in your dream indicates that whatever you are striving and aiming for may not be fulfilling, and even harmful to you. It may also represent neglect and carelessness.

To see an apple tree in your dream symbolizes grandeur and magnificence.
My father said the peacocks were what i think of ppl and the apples are my expectations of ppl.

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