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Memory/ Brain fog

Oct 17, 2012 - 0 comments

Well, today. I am starting off pretty low. I am still having some pretty good Hypothyroid symptoms. I am half awake. Half asleep. I know that it is a stage. I just need to get well. I have been lashing out on people I care about. My ex texted me yesterday for more money. I couldn't believe that he had the nerve to do that. I have given him so much money. My first inheritance. He knew I was in my bubble. I fought it because I was at the bank. I loved that job. I am very sensitive to hearing. I hated that in school. Everything bothers me now. I need to find me again. I am trying to help myself a little bit. Knowing that I was born with this illness really *****. I am proving to my family that it isn't a learning disability like they once classified me as. I am going back to show them it isn't speech problems as well. I love talking to people. I was always afraid because I felt the thyroid gland in my throat. :( I am off of work today. I have to clean and try to help this stage pass. I will get it. I just hate that my memory is this low :(

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