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day 6

Oct 17, 2012 - 2 comments

Last night was awful.. Wasnt able to get any sleep at all.  My body and legs jumped all night long and couldnt get it to stop.  I am so exhausted as it is and cant afford to lose sleep. Rash is better on hands today so keeping them lubed up is paying off.  Sinus are now draining since my mouth is no longer dry or my sinuses so coughing at night and then end of throwing up from coughing..  grrrrr.    Tomorrow will be a better day. Cause d-day is next

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3926262 tn?1350439336
by RN1234, Oct 17, 2012
So sorry to hear you had a hard day.  Tomorrow will def be better! One week down!!! Congrats, isn't it a great feeling?! Praying for you to have a restful night!

1853014 tn?1340038575
by debbiemac40, Oct 18, 2012
thank you so much.  I am so glad I have my friends on here to talk to who understand.

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