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A huge NO THANK you to my insurance company!

Oct 17, 2012 - 1 comments

Dear Insurance Company,

Thank you for taking over 2 weeks to review my claim and attempt to approve coverage on my new DMD. I really appreciate your prompt response and the length of time you spent in reviewing my information. Since it took you this long, and you had multiple calls for reminders from myself and others, I am grateful that your decision in the long run was to deny coverage and refuse the medication. Also, thank you so much for suggesting that I take Copaxone instead, considering that is what I just came off of in September due to severe adverse reactions. Although the information about my Copaxone use was in my file that you reviewed and also did show that you had approved and covered that in the past, I am not upset with you that you overlooked this in your attempt to delay this process for me.

I am glad that when I called to report this to you and fight this, that you offered me an appeal process that would take 60-90 days. That is perfect! Thanks so much for offering such an easy quick process for me! After multiple calls and complaints on my end, I am glad to find out that the sole reason you denied my coverage is now due to the fact that Betaseron costs less than 6% more for you annually than it's newer sister drug, Extavia. And that you feel I can go without my DMD for another 2+ weeks and possibly longer while I now complete more paperwork, wait again, and hope that you don't find Extavia unfit for me by the time the claim comes to your office the SECOND time.

So dearest Insurance company... thank you.
I really appreciate your concern and care for my situation.
Yours truly,
A highly irritated multiple-year policy holder who pays you a hefty premium monthly and has never needed your assistance very much in the past at all....

(WHEW!!! ~ I feel sooo much better now...) :)

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by tomas2729, Oct 18, 2012
Insurance companies suck!!! They smile at you and thank you every time you make them a payment. They even put off the attitude that they are there if you ever need them. Until of course you actually do......

I am sorry to hear that they are hasseling you. I hope that they can pull their head out soon so that you can keep fighting your MS. I hope things are going well for you and Jason.


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