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Getting over sinus infection and stomach flu, no tx 2 weeks, neupogen, losing/changing voice

Jan 25, 2009 - 5 comments



sinus infections









Like it says above, I am getting over my illnesss slowly, havn't had tx for 2 wks as blood tanked, getting Neupogen every Monday. I have never a such a hoarse, gravely, fading voice during my many respiratory infections.

It almost feels like my voice is going to change for good.
When I speak up and out I sound like Rochester on the Jack Benny show,, after speaking for a long time it breaks up and gets real hoarse.

Peace and Health

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547836 tn?1302836432
by lalapple, Jan 25, 2009
man, i'm so sorry and very sorry you haven't txed for 2 wks because of all that.  i've had sinus issues these past weeks too, and neupogen gave me a fever and a rash!  winter hasn't been very friendly this year.  but i'm still txing!  hang in there!  good luck!  

683664 tn?1330969924
by lapis, Jan 25, 2009
Sorry you've been having such a hard time.  And you were excited about your new docs, too!  

My Hgb's down to 9.2 but no Procrit for me (because of being on study), and I had that awful stomach virus too, it lasted for more than 10 days.  It sux feeling bad, huh?  

I wondered why we hadn't heard from you lately.  At least online you don't have to talk, lol.  Sending you lots of warm best wishes, hoping you feel better soon!

476246 tn?1418874514
by Marcia2202, Jan 25, 2009
Sorry that tx has been an endless suffering for you... You are in my prayers!

Hugs, Marcia

461838 tn?1255793816
by headshop, Jan 26, 2009
I am feeling better day by day, thanks.
Bloodwork is closer to the normal ranges, not where it was before I started tx, but better.
I wonder if the Neupogen is causing a lot of the throat/voice problems and maybe the diarrhea and stomach cramps I have been having.

I believe that since I have been getting the Neupogen, my hair has been acting sort of wild, and I don't think that is my dog Luke's hair in the sink.

Peace and Health

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by jdwithhcv, Jan 26, 2009
I hope you feel better soon.  


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