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Taking Another TTC Break For A While!!

Oct 18, 2012 - 7 comments










Well sistahz i have decided to take a break from TTC.. Im so burnt out on even trying smh, i've been trying for 6+ years now and i cant continue to keep getting stressed out about it, so thats why i think this break is needed.. that dont mean im not gon be on here still cause i'll still be around wishing and praying for all of you guys still out there trying :)) and showing love to all of my MH sistahs on here.. Im not sure how long i'll be taking this break but i do kno its gonna be a while until i try again lol maybe not until next year sometime, that way i can lose weight and get myself healthier in order to have a nice pregnancy whenever i do get preggo.. Plus all this TTc'ing is making me stressed and i hate feeling like that.. Yes i kno its not good to be stressed and ttc at the same time but damn i am totally stressed lol.. I  wont be charting my BBT, Checking Cm Ect, im just gonna leave it alone for now and work on me and my stress lol then i'll be back on that TTC wagon in no time :) So with that being said just cause im not gon be TTC for a while dont mean im not gon be on here cause im here forever no matter what the case may be lol i'd gon insane without my MH sistahs advice, loving words and prayers so yep im stuck here haha!! I wish u all nothing but positives and hopefully we all get out BFP's soon, and congrats to all those who got theres recently!! *Mwuah*

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1487763 tn?1360376013
by kayharris601, Oct 18, 2012
I wish you luck sweetie. I'm trying to lose weight myself. I'm back up to my 200+. We need to be exercise internet buddies lol. Everytime I start losing weight I get pregnant. I walk up on a baby everytime. Hopefully that's what will happen for you. So since my boo is in Texas and going to Korea for 2 years I wont have to worry bout getting pregnant anytime soon. Send me snapshots.Keep me updated on the progress!

1045727 tn?1463746583
by Vantom, Oct 18, 2012
im down to be exercise buddies sis lol and i sure will send snapshots of hopefully my progress lol and u do that to :)) im like really determined to lose at least 30lbs (ahhh thats gonna be hard) lol but i think i can do it!! good luck girlie we can do it haha!!

1351078 tn?1416316746
by retta483, Oct 18, 2012
I'm sorry sweetie maybe try not trying or preventing that always wound out working good for me :) Wishing you lots of luck and sending you prayers !

1302038 tn?1439578832
by TinaR10, Oct 18, 2012
I feel u sis. I am so on ur page right now. BC it gets overwhelming but I am glad u will still be around bc u my girl ;)

1045727 tn?1463746583
by Vantom, Oct 19, 2012
@retta: yea i think thats what i gonna do for a while lol :o) ssbd @tina: lol yea sis im here and u my girl too haha :o) ssbd

1386655 tn?1452100656
by journey2motherhood, Oct 25, 2012
I can understand you wanting to take a break, I know I felt the same way going thru all of this.  Take your time to de-stress and we will be here for you when you get started again.

1045727 tn?1463746583
by Vantom, Oct 26, 2012
thanks j2mh <3

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