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34 weeks 1 day

Jan 25, 2009 - 2 comments

Today, well this time frame almost 3 years ago I had my first baby girl!  Which was an exciting and scary day!  And in 6 days, at 35 weeks, it'll be almost 2 years, since my Boo man was born!  Which brings me to this.

I am 34 weeks and 1 day today!  I am 8.5 cm dialated and 100% effaced!  She is fully engaged and ready to rock and roll!  I believe I am fully dialated now, which i'll know in the morning.  My last bit of medicines get inject tomorrow, and I'm good to pop at any time!  I did already have the lung development injections quite a few weeks ago, so if she is born now there is no doubt that she'd be perfectly fine.  

My husband and I don't think i'll make it through the week, or really to the weekend.  We will see though.  I will be able to update more this week, since I no longer am on the sleep meds and don't need to be laying down.  We have everything prepared here at home incase my water breaks.  We even have a towel warmer, which is good.  Got a night protective sheet thing on our bed, so I can be in my bed to deliver.  And wont ruin any of the blankets.  

My daughter, Claire has been constantly talking to her sister here.  She will put her hands on my belly, and tell her "baby buddy sister", that's what she calls her, that everything will be okay.  And to have a good day!  Ahaha!  and my little man Grant, he comes up and presses his face into my belly, and says "HI!"  LOL  And then of course I have to pee.  Ahaha, but she kicks and responds to them, which is awesome!  And Claire is quite amazed at being kicked from mommy's belly.  

Anytime I stand up, she feels like she is going to fall out!  Ahaha, which is awesome, my husband says.  Very sexy!  LOL....  He says I walk funny now, and I told him to cram it up his butt.  LOL...  I can't help it.  

So we will see how long I make it!  

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552853 tn?1278405903
by smileluvr, Jan 25, 2009
Well, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of your baby girl. You have been such a motivation to others on here, especially with the personal problems that you have had to overcome. I wish you well with your birthing experience and will pray for the health and safety of you and your family.

561451 tn?1257476350
by ashiepooh, Jan 25, 2009
Hehehe!  I'm right there with you, anxious for her to come!  It's been the toughest pregnancy by far, and i'm done!  LOL  And you know, I guess I am sort of looking forward to my surgeries coming up within weeks after she is born!  They may do one right away, we will see though.  =)  

Labor should be a breeze!  My doctor says, since my daughter was 36 minutes, and my son 20 minutes that this one should be 10 minutes or less!!  Or as I say, "So she'll fall right out?!"   AHAHA!

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