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Prayer of a Drifter

Jan 26, 2009 - 9 comments


Lord, there are a lot of people suffering, a lot whom i have not yet to meet please help heal all those suffering. amen. Lord i turn my will & my life over to your care, and i cast out the demons in the name of the lord Jesus Christ.amen. Lord please help me stay sober today & tomorrow. amen. scott

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by merrymaria, Jan 26, 2009
ask and you shall recieve....God bless us all amen...maria

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by snowflake620, Jan 26, 2009
very well said,  god bless....snowflake

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by JKJ, Jan 26, 2009
What a wonderful prayer...God Bless you as well.

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by Nanabanana6, Jan 28, 2009
Your hope and faith in God will help you thru the darkest times in your life. No one or no thing can do more for you. May God bless you in your journey.

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by 10356, Jan 28, 2009
We never walk alone Drifter... I will join you that you stay clean today and tomorrow.. I will also say one more for my friend Drifter.. That both day's also bring you joy... your cyber friend.. lesa

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by Naina79, Jan 28, 2009
I don't know if I believe in God but I believe in your prayer to release us all from our prisons of suffering.

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by mommy52, Jan 28, 2009

drifter I will pray for your sobriety and that you take it one day at a time or if it taakes an hour at a time...whatever it takes, then you can do it. God bless. I have been there and am living proof that I have stayed sober through the death of mother, father,grandmother and son. I am still there and I know you can do it. We are here for you. There was a man that I met..He said if he could not talk you out of that drink, then he would buy it. He said he never had to buy even one. He is gone but I still remember his saying. Remember we are here and if you need to talk or just vent I am here.  May God bless as you face one day at a time.    Blessings,  Madlyn

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by drifter0213, Jan 29, 2009
God bless you all -scotty

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by DebbieMac, Jan 29, 2009
At the lowest times of our lives is the times that God carries us.  I have been there too many times and God has never let me down. My favorite saying is  "God does not make bad days."  I have to keep saying that over and over and it helps get me through a bad time.  I will be praying that you have a wonderful, sober day and thanking Him that today I have a new friend.   Please know you have someone you can talk to at anytime, through good times as well as bad.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Take care and God bless.

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