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Jan 26, 2009 - 1 comments

I'm still waiting to get a proper proposal but we discussed the details of everything this weekend.  We'll be getting married in March, on the beach, with our good friend playing (and singing) for us.  My "family" down there consists of his co-workers and friends, but they'll all be there.  My own family, well - we'll see.  My mother basically won't come unless I pay for her flight and hotel (only she doesn't want to stay in a hotel - she wants to stay with us, in the house on the couch; the couch on which I end up most nights because of sleeplessness).  She's angry that we don't want to get married in Huntsville, with my real family, but the fact is, the way they fight, it only makes me sad for the days when things were good between everyone.

I'm waiting to tell everyone else until we work out the rest of the details.

Tomorrow is my second ultrasound, and as always I'm scared there won't be a heartbeat and this'll all be over.  I guess it's my way of not getting my hopes up after this many years, but the fact is, everything happens when it's time.  This has got to be my time.  I've got the right guy, home, life, and now child.  

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by SoCalTricia, Jan 26, 2009
Congratulations! Planning a wedding is so stressful...believe me, I know. I'm getting married on Feb 21st. I almost can't wait for it to be what you think is best, don't worry about everything, and try to RELAX! The end result will be the same - you will be married to the person you love. I'm learning that what happens in the getting to that place isn't as important as being married to the one you love. Again, congrats and good luck!


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