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Oct 20, 2012 - 2 comments



Nonalcoholic Cirrhosis


hep c


Liver Transplant

One year ago I was in really bad shape with no energy, suffering from edema in my feet and legs, and HE making driving a car or making logical decisions impossible. I had a MELD score of 17 and was qualified for the liver transplant list. In March I tried the triple therapy and it almost drove me crazy before I had to stop. Well since that time I have been steadily improving, having lots of energy and fewer of the symptoms of cirrhosis. The blood work I've had done over the past 6 months shows my MELD level down to 10 !!! It's all unbelievable even my doctors are at a loss to explain the change. My ALT and AST levels were almost normal, I haven't seen that in 20 years! I can only credit the power of prayer and the Grace of the supreme Healer.

I pray that each of you who read this will experience His healing power in your life. Thanks for all the support the members of this forum has given me.

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by HectorSF, Oct 20, 2012
I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Continue healthy ways with diet and exercise and you can lessen some of the complications of your liver disease to make it more manageable. Stay away from anything toxic to your liver of course. The main thing is alcohol and any meds that are toxic to the liver.

MELD score vary over time. They go up and down. But if you have progressively had your MELD score get lower that is a very good sign.

I used to have a MELD score of 18-19 two years ago, with ascites, edema and moderate HE. My fluids are now under control thanks to diuretics. My HE is probably worse but my MELD score went step by step from 19 to 15 then 13 and 12 and now is 11. It does happen and I have had friends who took 10 years to progressive from compensated cirrhosis to End- Stage. I also know people who MELD score never rose as they got sicker and sicker. So many things can happen with a MELD score over time.

Hopefully this will give you a window to treat your hepatitis C with the new non-interferon treatments that are coming in the next couple of years.

Hang is there. I am glad you are feeling better. As you know liver disease in the upper teens of MELD score can be no fun. Never mind in the 30s which you want to avoid by curing your hep C if that is possible or for at least as long as possible.


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by Advocate1955, Oct 21, 2012
So glad you're feeling well George.  It sounds like your hepatologist is monitoring you carefully, so I hope things continue to go in the right direction.  I am praying for an non-interferon treatment to become available to you, and others, soon.  Keep us posted on how you're doing.

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