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trying to lose weight

Oct 20, 2012 - 2 comments

Does anybody have any tips. I don't have a lot of time because school or homework. & chores. I neec tips on how to lose weight in my room,  with no machines just me.  Please leave comments id appreciate it. Thank you:)

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by eternity1234, Oct 22, 2012
There are plenty of healthy ways you can loose weight and have a healthy body within the comfort of yoru room.
First you have to check your diet(avoid fatty food) and drink plenty of water.Diet with lot of veggies and boiled stuff would be good to begin with.

As ffor excericise ,you can try aerobics at home(download the videos),or do different types of Yoga.many good videos can be downloaded from the internet.All you need to do is devote some time regularly every day to it; for a healthy and beautiful body and mind.

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by Nighthawk61, Oct 28, 2012
Hi Whitney, i used Dr. Joel Fuhrman's diet, it's like what lukkhi has suggested above, by no fat it means no marguerine or butter on veggies, lemon only. cut the carbs downnnn, way processed foods.......only natural raw whole foods. I replaced meat with beans, you can make bean burritos and they're yummy, garlic is good for you. You need to try and study nutrition, and honestly if you could consider going vegan or it would serve you well. i don't drink too much milk, because you can get vitamin D and calcium in other things. USE THE MEDHELP FOOD TRACKER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN, I used but i like Medhelps because the members don't add the foods and their calories and vitamins, but a health practitioner does, so it's more reliabe.

I lost 30 lbs in 2+ months following this diet.  Eating small portions more often helps ALOT. You don't have sugar spikes if you eat the right stuff, nothing processed, veggies and fruit mainly.

Tell me what you think of the food diary on here, check it out, i know it helped me to track my calories. I was always under or at 1200 calories  (that's the number doctor's suggest).

You can do this Whitney....NO PROCESSED FOODS. WHOLE FOODS ONLY. CUT DOWN ON CARBS. CUT DOWN ON FAT (MILK) NO BUTTER MARGERINE, The no processed foods, you'll get used to eat. Eating healthy not only makes you feel more attractive, it saves you from some pretty heavy diseases in the future (if you don't get "into" nutrition.)

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