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Choose to live your purpose

Jan 26, 2009 - 2 comments

Live with meaning

The guidance you  need to recover your true purpose is available to you because you  are worthy of having it.   You can make the choice to  fulfill your purpose at any time. Balancing your heart and mind is the key to bringing forth the talents  and gifts you possess that will enable  you to furfill your purpose.............When you choose for yourself .....your creator will support you............Iyanla Vanzant          

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689267 tn?1235241749
by suzipen, Jan 26, 2009
Beautful post.and so true

390416 tn?1275185087
by toxictome, Jan 28, 2009
BALANCE  is the key word here...and when my life is in balance....positive things start to happen!!!

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