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Growing Pains - File 002

Oct 24, 2012 - 0 comments

growing pains









This follows my first journal entry I made.  This morning I woke up to get a shower and found my feet suddenly taking a bath!  I shut off the water and found a huge mess of my wife’s hair in the drain.  Just about the time I normally get angry and mutter about her being the one who says she’s on top of things- instead I thought back to the lesson from the last argument.  It’s about “US”.  And so I simply unclogged the hair trap and replaced it, without a word about it, simple as that!  Pausing I thought about what may have gone on with the children or other more important cleaning or maybe she was busy making that delicious dinner last night- There’s a whole list of other things that could’ve come up and she simply forgot to unclog the hair catcher after her shower.  I’m finding these simple words repeated and meditated on can spare much chaos inside a marriage!  It’s not your problem- it’s always “OUR” problem.  There is no me and you; only “US!”

That’s my journal entry for now.  My growing pains - and experiences - in my Autistic Life.

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