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Day 8   25.10 .12

Oct 25, 2012 - 0 comments

Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome






day 8




Chest Pain


Heart Rhythm

Today I went to work.
I slept really well last night-8 hours.
When I got up I felt pretty good.
I had breakfast and a shower before 9.00am and Blossom's mummy and I got ready to go out together.
We had everything packed in the car (my work bag, nappy bag, babyin capsule, stroller in boot)  and I climbed into the drivers seat for my the first time in a month. I couldn't drive when I was taking Metoprolol.
I felt excited about having the freedom to drive myself again, whereas earlier in the week I felt anxious about driving.

I turned on the ignition and it went RRrr. Flat battery.
So Blossom's mummy moved everything into her her car and we set off at last. Car number 2 is an automatic and mine has manual gear change. I think it was a blessing in disguise because it was easier for me to drive the automatic.

I dropped Blossom's mummy off to go shopping and I went to work where I had a warm welcome back from my colleagues and lots of encouragement to take it easy and only do as much as I felt up to. I felt grateful that they are so understanding.I arrived at work at about 9.40am.
It was strange trying to do my job. I've hardly been at work-about 3 days in the last month. I felt very rusty.
I cut back on my normal routine and taught for about an hour. By the time I had the second pupil I felt weary. I was ready for a break at morning tea time.
My last half hour was less intensive.
I finished work at 12.20 and I did feel tired.

I had a few chest pains at work but nothing that really bothered me. My catheter entry site was fine. Quite comfortable sitting at my desk.

After work Blossom's mummy and I went to the supermarket and bought some supplies that we needed. We had a short detour to look at a house we wanted to see an d then I drove home. I found it harder to concentrate on my driving on the way home.

We got home at about 2pm and i was really hungry. I felt better after I had a meat pie. I would have liked a nap but it was busy at home with my husband leaving for work so I just had some sofa time.

I am pleased and grateful about my progress . The burn ache was not noticeable all the time today.
I had a cluster of a few strong jumpy heartbeats this afternoon but it was brief. I was surprised by it because my heart has seemed pretty 'quiet' today.

Once again I'm looking foward to going to bed early.

I plan to go to work again tomorrow and achieve a bit more. Then it is the weekend which works out well as I have 2 days to get even stronger and try for a full week at work next week .
I only work mornings form about 9.30am until 12.30-1pm. My start and finish times are a bit flexible which is helpful.
I am looking foward to having lots of enrgy after work like i used to. It seems so long since I did.
I'm looking foward to getting my house really clean and tidy and working in my garden.

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