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Oct 25, 2012 - 0 comments

I feel like charlie brown and I just want to say; Awww rats!!
It's the peanuts I tell you. That's why i cant lose weight.
I think I am addicted to them, but after I finish this bag of them, i refuse to buy more for a long while. Instead I will eat my almonds.
I dont seem to hve a problem over eating them. Probably because they are not as flavorful and are a much coarser nut. I will still eat peanut butter, open faced of course.

It's my nerves. I have been trying to eat away my stress.
I even find myself at the computer chomping on sunflower seeds, or candies at work. I need to fin some other way to relieve that stress instead of snacking. I drink some tea, and that helps, also tried chewing gum, but that gives me gas.
Maybe I need to go back to taking my raw veggies to work.
That may help too. Gives me something healthy to munch on.

also I really want to have a good cheat day without feeling guilty about it. so frustrating. when i dont see that scale moving down, i feel so disappointed.

Pounds Down
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