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Does alcohol affect smell of men's sperm?

Oct 26, 2012 - 4 comments







fishy smell

We all know that there can be a 'fishy smell' from either partner. It starts with the *** that's left inside the woman. If its not rinsed out well, it most definitely can leave an odor. Now with this in mind, I have seldom had to face this problem.  Until now!
The man I am dating likes to drink his beer, daily. Other than that, no problems but he smells very bad after sex.   Even tasting his penis afterwards, it already starts to have a bad taste and very unpleasant smell. It takes me 4 days to get rid of the odor.  
Now I like and appreciate the sensual smell of sex after a nice romp. But this is very different, and not at all pleasant.
I am wondering if the excess of alcohol could be causing this smell?  I have never encountered it before.
If Anyone has experienced this or has an answer, I sure would like some responses.
I had checked the forums, but they are from over 4 years ago.

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by LadyDragon515, Oct 22, 2013
Me and my friend have been having the same issues with our boyfriends. I notice when my boyfriend doesn't drink any beer and we have sex my vagina does not smell "fishy", it just has a bleachy smell from the ***. But if he drinks it smells so horrible the next day and takes days to get out of my vagina. My friends boyfriend drinks everyday and she always had that issue so now she makes him use condoms. I just looked this up to see if beer effects the smell and it seems we aren't the only women having this issue.

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by Quinashus, Jun 04, 2016
I noticed after sex with my husband the same thing. My vagina smells really bad. I also noticed that his semen was thicker than usual also after drinking. Its also darker too. I'm glad to know its not just me.

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by Shirley_1973_2017, May 03, 2017
Well i just had sex and my husband  drink and it have a smell after we are done then the next day i have a sex order on me what do i do

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by LadyKG1228, Nov 14, 2017
I smell fishy after we have sex but when I'm not home and come home to my house smelling like I've romped is why I want to know if men who drink too much can smell like sex.

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