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Next stop...Day 30

Oct 26, 2012 - 1 comments

Tomorrow is Day 30 for me! I'll be tailgating with my favorite football team and probably will not write. It's amazing how far you can get when you don't look back and don't stop. I am a little considered with all the relapses that happen in monthes 2 and 3. My next goal is 60 days.

I feel like I am recovering well. I do have some downs, but a lot of ups. Every now and then I think it would be nice to have a pill, but it passes, and I live just fine! I'm so excited about my new life ahead and the past I can leave, well in the past, where it should be!

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by Nighthawk61, Nov 17, 2012
I've been reading your journals from day 1 til now, so i know how much this 30 days, means/meant to you!!! Congratulations Girl!!!! We make mistakes as humans, we all have, but you're owning up to yours and that makes you special. You deserve the best that life has to offer. Keep looking forward, make your amends and go forward honey. That's all any of us can do.  

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