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Partner/Best Friend Makes Me Out As Bad Guy While She Is Highly Psychotic

Mar 05, 2008 - 1 comments


I have been helping my partner with her struggles of her latest bipolar episode since November.  On Feb. 12, 2008, she walked out on me and her two children.  She contacted us regularly for the first four days.  Since that time, we have not heard directly from her.  The two times we have seen her for court appearances for an order of protection, she has completely turned on me.  She is blaming me for all of her problems, stating she is terrified of me, stating that I am abusive.  She is in a high state of psychosis and is very paranoid.  I love her very much, and this situation is breaking my heart and her children's hearts.  She is someone we don't know in this state.  She thinks she is fine because she is taking her medication as directed from her psychiatrist from her last hospital discharge on January 14, 2008.  I have temporary custody of the children, but she is trying to give full custody to one child's grandparents because she states I am brainwashing her children.  How do I help her?  Will she listen to me at this point since she is so hateful to me?  Is there any chance we can resolve this problem and repair the damage caused by this latest episode?  I feel her medication is partly to blame and is not working at all.  She is taking 600 mg of Seroquel at bedtime.  She is on a frantic spending spree, and she tells everyone that God is telling her what to do.  She states that she actually hears him speaking to her.  We need help before it is too late to fix this problem.

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by nuggetone, Mar 05, 2008
Is there anyway you can get an appt with her psychiatrist.  You could tell her your side of the story and then she can put both sides together.  I had  a friend that was bi polar and like I said had a friend.  No more cause she told lies and wanted people to hurt.  She would start rumors which again are lies.  She thinks everyone is out to get her and they probably would like to cause of all the mouthing she has done.  She misses work all the time but yet gets a Dr. excuse.  She was self medicating and her Dr. didnt know that part.  She took something the Dr. gave her but she also took many other drugs, Xanex, loratabs, pot, valium and this didnt help her situation so I had to write her off. I feel for the kids.  Luckily this girl didnt have any.  Pray for her.  She probably wont listen to you unless you catch her in one of those good moods. Can you talk to that grandparent?  

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