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Oct 27, 2012 - 1 comments

Suboxone is a powerful narcotic..folks are not informed when they exchange their drug of choice for this addicting drug...aftercare is so important...with or without sub

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by flyfishutahtrout_1, Jul 11, 2015
I have now been on Suboxone for 11 1/2 year. I tried to taper off after the first 3-6 months and ended up relapsing. I have had 7 close friends overdose and die from heroin and about 10 more people that I know pretty well that have also overdosed and died. I have cone to terms that I have a disease called "addiction."  I read a great article that totally made sense to me about a year ago. It was about other diseases that you have to take medication for. Take diabetes for example. If you have diabetes you are not going to stop taking your medicine for it because it will make you much worse and most likely even kill you. This is no different than having a bad addiction to opioids. I have taken suboxone for 11 1/2 years and for the first year and s half I tried to get off of it and relapsed several times. Once I decided to try to stay on some suboxone and not taper off I have not even had a thought of using for just over 10 years now. So you can look at this is a couple ways. You can be a person which is not me and go off of something and never go back, or you can take medication for your diseases and have a fighting chance to stay alive. I just now want to go fisht either the government or the maker of this medication to make it affordable to people so they can have an experience like mine. I have been fortunate enough to stay clean, get good health insurance that would pay a good amount so I could afford my suboxone because if I didn't there would be no way I could afford $800 per month to stay on this medication. If anyone happens to know anyone I could talk to about my personal story and life on suboxone and possibly find the right people to talk  to to make it affordable so we don't have so many deaths and people who want to get on this that cannot afford it. Please feel free to email me at ***@****.

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