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Same Old Same Old

Oct 28, 2012 - 0 comments

Well things arent the best. But when are they ever. Just the same old problems. Same old sad tune over and over agian. Except add in new problems but keep the old ones. Makes me feel really overwelmed. Still having issues with my mom of course. Had a really bad time a few days ago. Dont really want to get into though. Its just the way my life is. Still sometimes its hard for me to even feel like a normal person. Hard for me to function. Im just trying to get by. Just one day at a time. I cant go foward. I cant go back. So Im just trying to get by pretty much. Right now it feels like thats all I can do. Holidays are coming up. Yippy. Not really. Its actually really hard for me. Expecially because of last year and then last June. Im still tryng to deal with it. I might try to get into details later on. Pretty much just say Im back at least for now. And my mood well it is the same. Lousy. Just want to believe in something good one day.

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