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Jan 28, 2009 - 1 comments

I have beeen clean from drugs that arent prescribed since June 5, 2008 and I think I mite beak it today. but I am worried because since I have mental disorders and on prescribed meds it will affect me differently than it used too. So toaday mite be hard. We will see If bowe will give me some meds. But I dont wanne have to make out with him for it tho.


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by 10356, Jan 29, 2009
Hi Lyndsie
My name is lesa.. I had just ran across your journal.. I sure hope you did not break your clean time off of street drugs.. I also hope you did not make out with a boy for them.. You are way more valuable then that.. If you do not mind me asking.. why would you be chasing a addiction with all the other things you have going on ?? Some of your disorders actually make you more prone too addiction.. Really the life of a addict is not fun.. It sounds like medically you are in a good spot.. Has something happened that made you want too use ?? sometimes it helps too talk it out.. I would be happy to listen if you need someone.
You are young with a future available to you.. Taking drugs not prescribed or overusing will leave you no future.. right now you are at a cross roads.. I hope you pick the one of freedom... warmly lesa

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