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Endo Surgery and Fear

Jan 28, 2009 - 1 comments












Before my surgery, the thing I was most afraid of was not waking up from the anesthesia. I was afraid of this to the point where I started crying right before the surgery about it. A nurse in the same-day surgery area tried to reassure me and I collected myself because my logical brain knew that people go under anesthesia every day and most of them wake up. The nurse promised she'd come see me after I woke up.

After my surgery, I had an arterial bleed and they only knew because when they tried to bring me around from the anesthesia, I DIDN'T WAKE UP.

The doctors quickly did another surgery, doubled my recovery time, and left me with a boob-to-pube incision. But I'm alive.

I never did see that nurse again. But... I thought my fear of not waking up was an irrational phobia. Maybe my sixth sense was trying to tell me something.  

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by JamesC186282, Oct 02, 2015
I woke up from the first surgery and bled out into the gut.  Pain like... Unreal.  I honestly thought the machine that was supposed to be injected pain meds was broken or someone had stolen the meds.  The blood was going out into these two collection things so fast they showed me how to dump them out.  When I got up to 6 of those things I started asking how much blood a guy has and they started the transfusion o ramma.   Anyway - I also had a second surgery and that was fortunate because any later then when they did it would have been the end for me.

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