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Stupid Monitor

Jan 28, 2009 - 3 comments

I need a place to vent.

I hate this event monitor. And I'm not too happy with my heart, either.  I think the two are conspiring to make me lose my mind.

I pressed the button to record based on what I saw on the monitor's screen, then when I sent it in, the sounds the monitor made were a lot like a prison chain gang - strong, constant and reliable.  Not zooming from 65 to 161 back down to 74.

Made one recording because I was feeling jittery, checked my pulse and felt three quick (non-PVC) beats, then back to the regularly scheduled programming.  The sound the monitor made when transmitting that recording sounded awful!  Like Yoko Ono in concert.

Ug, this is getting really old.  I want this to be over.  I wanna be better already.

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by ireneo, Jan 28, 2009
That's such a good way to explain the monitor. It does squeal and scream, almost as much fun as nails on a chalkboard. You must have a different monitor than all the types I've had over the years. I never saw any readings on a screen. I just had to record based on my symptoms. The last time I wore an event monitor my heart went tachy while I was in a fabric store (whoo - so much excitement!). I had to record the tachy and felt embarrassed. I tried to hide in one of the aisles but the screeching was bad. I managed to muffle it a bit with my hand.

Just record things and don't worry whether you can hear it or see it on the monitor. They'll figure it out when it's downloaded.

How long are you stuck with this? I've had the 24 hour holter monitors and several times had to wear an event monitor for a month at a time. My skin got so sore under the sticky dots. I swear I'll never wear another one but my doctor keeps telling me otherwise. Pbbbt.

Hang in there.  Irene

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by Wisconsin2007, Jan 28, 2009
Thanks for the comment, Irene.  I've read through some of your stuff - you've been through way more than I have, yet you seem to be able to handle it extremely well.  Me?  Not so much.

Anyway, I have the King of Hearts event monitor.  I've had the old cassette Holter and the newer electronic version, too.  This event monitor is a lot like the newer Holter, in that it's pretty small.  It has an LCD screen that shows your heart rate, but I've discovered that the readings can be all over the place and not at all indicative of the actual rate of your heart.  You would think that considering one of it's really important functions, measuring heart rate, they'd make sure they get that part of it right.  My sports heart rate monitor does a better job in that respect.

Thanks again.

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by SassyLassie, Jan 30, 2009
When I had my 24 hour monitor, it was like a little cassette player. I saw nothing on the screen, nor, did I hear any noise. I think I am glad I didn't, it would really have scared me.

When I went back to have it removed, I had only experienced about 2 flutter events, however, wouldn't you know, two hours later, I had a whopper of a PVC attack, I was so upset. I guess the reason lots of us do not have them while wearing the equipment is because we are at ease feeling like something is being done and we are not abandoned, at least that was my reason.

I have begged my doctor for one this coming week, I have not heard from her, but, if she says "no" I will search somewhere else, even if it is in another town.

Take care, we are all in this together it looks like :) Susie

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