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Still hangin in there!!!!!!!

Jan 29, 2009 - 3 comments

Hi all,  Thank God I am still feeling well. No VT and PVC!!!!!!!!! Since the ablation. Hope everyone is well.
Thinking of you all!

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by lagoya, Jan 29, 2009
great news .....i bet u are gald u had the ablation now

let this continue for you

best wishes

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by Momto3, Jan 29, 2009
HOORAY!!!  Wonderful news!

It's been over 5 years and other than occasional PVCs and NSVT, I'm still enjoying NSR!!!

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by banglamom, Jan 29, 2009
Congratulations!  Even though mine didn't work out that way, I can celebrate anytime it does because it keeps hope alive.  Enjoy!

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