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hearing and feeling heartbeat in neck

Nov 02, 2007 - 2 comments






for the last month I have really been feeling my heartbeat in the upper neck area,when I sleep in my right side  i can hear it in my right this dangerous?? what is causing it??

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by missyw, Nov 05, 2007

I have had this, especially at night, for about two months now, and have had an ECG and all the usual blood tests and everything has come back normal. I have been googling sites about this and it seems to be quite a widespread condition that most people consider benign. Some put it down to the perimenopause, others seem to have had it for years and link it to anxiety. I'm about your age (48) so perhaps in us it is a hormone related thing? To set your mind at reat I'd go and have some tests on your heart, but I'm pretty sure that it's nothing to worry about. Now if only I could convince myself of that at 2 in the morning!

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by vette61, Jan 26, 2010
Hi, I have this and I was recently diagnosed with NASH (non alcoholic Cirrohsis of the liver ) I also have portal vein hypertension and had to have a shunt put in my liver to ease the pressures. The liver docs would come into my room and watch my neck pulsating from across the room. All I ever got was , hum,hum? hum from the docs as they watched this. They did tell me it was from the liver problem. I would like to understand it more myself because it has gotten worse and if I am in a store and I look up at a product, I feel the beating starting up and I get dizzy sometimes. Liver disease is a silent problem and if I had not had a GI bleed out I would never have found out about the cirrohsis until too late. I have never drank any alcohol, but they say it is from fatty liver disease ( you don't have to be fat to have a fatty liver ) Don't ignore your body signals and alarms.

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