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Mcdonalds and Choc chip

Nov 01, 2012 - 0 comments

Yesterday I ordered a pumpkin pie from Mcdonalds and 3 sugar cookies and 3 chocolate chip cookies. Driving back to work (about a 5 minute drive) I devowered the pie and 1 1/2 of a sugar cookie and in about 30 mins after this my abdomin was hurting with pain when breathing and it seems worse everytime I drink some water. After getting off I was hungry so I went to Tom Thumb Page to get cash and somemore cookies but on my way to Tom Thumb (10 min drive) I ate 2 of the chocolate chip cookies from McDonalds and 2 of the big chocolate chip all natural jumbo cookies from Tum Thumb and went to Jordans game at Mac. and felt really bad until all were digested but I had to leave at halftime because of the pain. On the way home breathing only helped. After getting home laying down helped..

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