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Please, anyone?

Jan 29, 2009 - 4 comments

Dear Journal,
Well, at least you don't call me a hypochondriac.  Today is January 29, 2009.  The day is Thursday.
I am writing this because I have no support from my two Daughters'.  My Mother who lives in Alexandria, La.
is about the only one who understands.  She is 84 yrs. old, and really has told me a lot about her history.
I am destined to have Fibromyalgia.  My Youngest Daughter has it too.  She is only 27 yrs. young, and says,
"I feel like I am in my 80's."  I can give her support.  Yet, she does not want to hear mine.  But, she is my
I am actually "SNOWED IN."  The plow keeps on pushing snow up to the drivers side of the window, and
I am actually having Cabin Fever.
My Primary Doctor at least called in medications for my bronchitis, and it is horrible. I wonder if I get into the tub?
maybe will help some.
Then, I feel so all alone!  My landlady is very nice, and is 89 yrs. YOUNG!!!  Yes, she can do things I can not.
I feel like such a failure.  At least I have my writing children's christian books.

Well, with my pancreas acting up, I can not eat normal food.  He says, eat 8 small meals a day?

How in the world do you do that?  I honestly need help on how to do this.  I can not have milk products, carbs,
caffeine, red meat, high fat contents of food, no spicy food, no pizza, lets' see?  What can I eat?
Sometimes, I feel so tired I sleep.  But, other times I feel as if I should not go to sleep during the day, I am
suppose to be doing vacuming, dusting, trying to get my place unorganized, since I recently moved in I have
boxes I need to take to the storage.  But, with no help?  How can I?
well, I am hoping to meet some fantastic people here who I can be friends with.
we don't have to talk pain, nor if we are doing horrible.  We can talk about other things.
Thanks for reading,

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by lupe666, Jan 29, 2009
hi my name is amanda. i read this and that is so sad i may be but 17 but i always listen to what my mom says. she is my best friend. when ever you want to talk im here.

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by awesome_gamma, Jan 29, 2009
Where are you located?  I am not sure what fibromyalgia is but I'm willing to listen.

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by Lahayle, Jan 29, 2009
Hi Amanda, my oldest daughter's name is the same.  Thanks for writing. Good to know there are teens out there like you.

Hi awesome gamma, I am located in Franklin, IN.  Fibromyalgia is considered to be muscle tissue, and has tons

of symptoms.  Today?  I need to just rest I think.  Hope we can be friends.


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by Beau1961, Jan 29, 2009
Hi Amanda.
You can give me a shout anytime you want. If you need to vent, you can do that with me. I try to help others who are experiencing the same illness I am going through the past 3 years. I know yours are different, but that doesn't matter.
You need a friend, I'm here for you.


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