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Major update in my non-existent love life

Nov 03, 2012 - 0 comments




Okay so like, a while ago I was supposed to tell Kevin that I liked him. But I didn't, and I probably never will. Emphasis on the fact that I said that I LIKED him. Yeah, I ended up moving on. The thing is like, I highly doubt that Kevin actually did like me back. Also, even if he did, how would it work out between us? Would I actually be able to stay committed to someone who lives so far away from me? Would he? I wasn't even sure if he had a girlfriend or not..

I have a crush on this one guy, but I'm not comfy with saying who he is yet. Even though this journal won't be public yet, his nickname is Pikachu. I have the biggest crush on Pikachu, and I can't believe this happened. I met him during the 3rd week of school, but I only really started talking to him around 3 days ago to be honest.

Tuesday, during anime club, he came inside and I went up to him and asked for a hug. He said that he was upset, but heard that hugging a person helps gets rid of those negative feelings. So he hugged me, and it was like he was hanging on to me too. He put his head/chin on my shoulder and like pulled me close, and his hands were reaching up instead of wrapping around my body. I rested my head against his shoulder and let him hug me. It was like he was holding on to me too. We stayed like that for maybe 30-40 seconds, then he let go.

Yesterday was fun too, I saw him during lunch. It was when I actually started crushing on him. I saw him at the spot where I always hang out with my friends, snuck up behind him and poked him. It was the first time I actually had a conversation with him actually. He gave me a bunch of hugs actually. Best hugs ever. So first of all, I asked for a hug, and he like squeezed the life out of me. In return, I squeezed him even tighter. It continued like that, until he let me go. His height is pretty much perfect, because I go up to his shoulder actually. And when he hugs me, my head is like at the perfect spot every time. On the same day, Thursday, he asked for a hug. So I gave him one and he ended up picking me up. He even let me wear his jacket for a little bit. Then one last hug and I went to 3rd period.

Today was maybe one of the bests so far. So I found him during Nutrition Break, but I don't remember all that much. And then I found him walking after ELP, so I attacked him. I awkwardly side hugged him like I used to do to everyone, and we walked to the spot. On the way, we ran into Rachelle, and he said he finally got a hug from her after months. Then on our way to the spot, I was holding on to his bag instead. Maybe around 5-8 minutes later, I asked for a hug. Or he asked for a hug, I honestly don't remember. It was like a death hug, we hugged each other as tight as we could. It was to the point where we couldn't even let go of each other aha. Then we were finally able to get go of each other. What else do I remember, he gave me another hug. It was like the one from Tuesday, when he put his head on my shoulder and such. And I remember that I stole his jacket, and then after maybe 5-10 minutes he finally got it back from me. Then he hugged me and was like, "But I still give you a hug (:" and gave me another hug. Most of our hugs at school lasted about 20-40 seconds.

Now we're still talking about today, but after school. I got a couple friends to go with me to get some pizza, because I told Pikachu that I was gonna stalk him after school. But I really didn't feel like going alone, so I got them to go with me. We saw him, and we ate some pizza with him. Then they left me with him, knowing that I have a crush on him. So after they left, we just kept talking and I made him laugh with some pictures. He kept saying that he hated this one person, and I patted him on the head and told him it was okay. I wanted to hug him, a sincere hug, but I just patted his head and tried to make him laugh. Then we just kept talking about nothing in general, until we got to subject of drawing and styles of anime. Then he asked me to draw a some stuff for him, so I'm going to eventually. Then these guys didn't finish their Fanta Orange so they gave it to us. Then we ended up walking the same way, so he walked me home. While we were walking, we were talking about nothing and everything. He was like, "Whoa did I just find my twin?" and listed reasons why, and I was surprised at those reasons.

When we were walking down the road to the little playground across the street from my house, an ice cream truck was going down that street. We ran away from the evil ice cream truck! Then we stopped at the little playground and talked and stuff. He learned a little about my past, 3 years ago. I learned a bit more about him. It was already around 4:15 during that time, and he usually got picked up around 4:00. I was surprised, I was expecting him to actually stick with his schedule. So around 4:20, we decided to go. And it went like this basically:

Us: -walking off of playground, and splits paths-
Him: You better not stalk me
Me: Oh~? And what if I do? d:
Him: I'll know :P
Me: Hug??
Him: -holds arms out and starts walking back-
Me: -does same-
-He hugs me tightly and I do same, we let go, and start walking back-
Me: Bye~
Him: Bye c:

So yeah, that was basically 3 days in total. I left a lot out, because a lot should stay left out.

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