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Day 17  3.11.12

Nov 03, 2012 - 1 comments

I've had a pleasnt Staurday.
I found it a lot easier not having to go out to work even though i didn't sleep so well last night.
Apart from being tired I felt well today.
My mood was happier too.
Yesterday i felt frustrated with my progress and grumpy. It was a very hot day, which didn't help.
I had some stomach pain tonight and i'm suspecting the Cartia.
Last time I had to take Cartia long term i developed stomach ulcers, so I hope that won't happen again. i have the enteric coated ones.
I'd really like to take fish oil and nutritional blood thinners instead.
I need to find out if i can take fish oil as well as cartia. The label says check with your Dr.

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by MidDayRebel, Nov 03, 2012
just a heads up on the fish oil it is a good idea to ask your dr because when I took fish oil after my ablation and my palpitations got a lot worse so I stopped taking it and now they are a lot better now. Glad you're feeling better and take care.


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