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Getting Tough

Nov 04, 2012 - 0 comments


Sitting here tonight feeling down. I've been dealing with my mind being on my tongue, swallowing, blinking, breathing, clearing my throat, and what not now for six months. It has not been easy and I have been hanging in there, but I'm just tired of dealing with it. I'm not going to give up, it's just I wish I could feel better and be normal again. This OCD has really been getting the best of me. I have tried everything before that helped me overcome it and nothing is working now. I just have no faith, I just feel these will never go away. Just feel that I will be living with my mind on my tongue, swallowing, blinking, breathing, and clearing my throat for the rest of my life. Tired of feeling depressed, and wish I could live one day without battling. Need someone to talk to. Need encouragement.

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