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Shot 38

Jan 30, 2009 - 1 comments










Shot 38 last night.  Finally figured out where I was going wrong in my calculations.  Shot 38 = 10 shots left = 11 weeks of riba left.  This is because I have to take riba for one week AFTER final shot.  So I am finally on the downside of 12 weeks!!!

Another emotionally draining week with my mother being rushed to hospital in an ambulance due to tachycardia.  Naturally I didn't sleep much that night and next day had terrible tasting phlegmy cough again, sore lungs, body aches and fevers etc.  Really don't know if it's a side effect of the tx, a stress response, or quite simply a bug.  Seems to only last 24 hours each time.  Who knows and to be honest I've sort of given up trying to figure it out.  It is what it is and I just roll with what I get each day.

Work is full on and I have started training my assistant to move up a level.  Training is demanding when in good health so even more challenging in this state.  Oddly enough though, it has actually given me more of an incentive to keep going.  Felt so bad yesterday that if I hadn't had my training obligation I probably would have stayed at home but I didn't want to let J down.  Was totally worn out and drained by the end of the day but felt that I had had a productive day which gave me a sense of accomplishment.  

Important to have good experiences to balance out the difficult.  Take the good stuff when we can...

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by jankar, Jan 30, 2009
Hi Epiphany -

wow!  you are down to 10 to go - joy, joy joy!  I am now becoming aware how stretched my physical, emotional and psychological resources are at just Week 18 and I am one tough B****.  Sleep, rest, distraction, reading, tv, music, relaxation tapes, movies, dvd's, keep the good stuff happening.....take care.

Yeah - the shot is the beginning of the week, not the end!  Who cares - every day of the last week is the last day you have to take the riba poison forever.


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