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Day 20  6.11.12

Nov 06, 2012 - 1 comments

I'm continuing to get stronger and more comfortable. I definitely need to get lots of rest and a good night's sleep or I don't feel good.
My bruising  has shrunk to two areas about 3cm in diameter that are fading away. I still get some achiness in that area but it's only minor.
Where my catheter wounds were there are little bumps under the healed skin.

When I am well rested I feel rather well. I usually have about half a days energy and I get more tired in the afternoon.
I don't notice much discomfort in my chest and torso any more.
I was interested to look at a diagram of where the catheter goes through the femoral artery.
I could see that my aches and pains post ablation, were along  that same path.

I don't have many irregular heartbeats that I notice.
A couple of nights ago I was very aware of my heart and i thought it was beating hard and faster but when I timed the beat it was normal. As soon as I knew that I was calm and I didn't worry any more.

I am looking foward to building up my fitness again. I think it will help improve my energy levels too.

I am making sure that I take the Cartia with food and I haven't had any more stomach pain.

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by demps123, Nov 06, 2012
Good to hear you are doing well. I know what you mean about the good nights sleep and feeling tired. I find that when i've felt really tired the odd beats,etc happen. So i'm trying yo get a good sleep at night.
I'm glad you mentioned the bumps under the skin. I also noticed that, i'm guessing it's scar tissue.anyway glad you are doing ok.

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