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Jan 30, 2009 - 0 comments





lost kids



I know I have been sober now for a couple of days. But I want to let everyone know who has the same problem I do. That its not worth loosing your family over a drug. You can always stop a drug. But you can never replace a child. I tell you this from my own experiance. When I started using heroin I had 2 kids. And I was pregant with my third. I got so hooked on heroin that by the time I had my baby I found out I was loosing them. I had came out positive with heroin and so did the baby. So the state took my kids away. I had a chance to get them back. But at that time the only thing that mattered in my mind was getting high.Its been almost 5 years now that I lost my kids. And theres not a day that goes by that I don't think of them. I cry myself to sleep just wondering how they are. Are they being taken care of. All these things go through my head. If I had another chance to change this I would do it in a flash. Now I have a hole in my heart. Nothing will be able to fill it besides my kids. I just want to let you know that drugs do take over your life if you don't do anything about it. Get help right away if you do begin to use drugs.

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