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Caught Ya!

Jan 31, 2009 - 4 comments

Caught one of the runs of rapid heart rate today.  At the time it happened it felt like my heart was flopping in my chest, but when I transmitted it, I could tell by the sound that it was a very brief run of a fast rhythm.  Probably 6 beats when there should have been 4, then my heart shifted back into a different gear and resumed normal beating.

Oddly, I was a little relieved when the arrhythmia happened - now someone with trained eyes will be able to have a look at what's going and determine if I should stop worrying or if we need to consider a medication or something.

Just need to wait 'till Monday.

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363281 tn?1590104173
by SassyLassie, Feb 01, 2009
Glad you caught the perpetrator in the act. I know what you mean about being relieved because now, hopefully, the doctor will be able to tell you just what is going on when you experience it.

Keep us posted as to what he says.

Sassy lassie

187666 tn?1331173345
by ireneo, Feb 01, 2009
Please don't get discouraged if they still tell you it's not a problem. Those short bursts of tachy are not dangerous. I've had 3 catheter ablations. Even the notes at the end of my 3rd ablation say "short runs of atrial tachycardia were inducible.. . . This indicated a high likelihood of success." Even now I have days of many mini-tachy's as I call them since they last less than a minute. Yet I'm considered cured.

Just be prepared that you may be having little bursts of activity, an excited heart, for no particular reason but you're quite safe. Kind of like having those eyelid twitches that annoy but don't hurt anything. You can live with a dancing heart.

267401 tn?1251852496
by Wisconsin2007, Feb 01, 2009
I hear you Irene, and you words carry much weight with me.  

The docs will see the strip on Monday (I think), and we'll go from there.  If my family doc says it's OK, I may ask for an EP doc to have a look, and if he says it's OK, along with one single question I'd like to ask as follow-up, then I'll be satisfied.

The thing that has been most helpful is finding all the information on this site - it's helped me to understand who the likely culprits are and what their inherent level of danger is (which so far has been pretty low).  Having that knowledge has been extremely comforting.

Thanks again for your thoughtful words.  Same to you, SassyLassie.  :)

187666 tn?1331173345
by ireneo, Feb 01, 2009
Wisconsin - after I thought about my comment, I realized I was being a poop, kind of discouraging. I really meant to prepare you and encourage you - that even if they say it's nothing big, you can still live life fully and enjoy it. My heart has been wacky all my life (a grand 56 years) and I'm still kicking around.

I think it's a good idea to see an EP if they'll refer you to one. They are the experts in electrical heart problems. I do hope you get some good answers, something to ease your heart and mind.

Take care.  Irene

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