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Need a breather

Nov 06, 2012 - 0 comments



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What a crazy week for so many.  DH and I were evacuated (we live on the south shore of Long Island) Sunday 10/28.  We've been at my mother's in Queens since then.  We feel unbelievably blessed to have my mom willing to take myself, my husband, and our 50 lb dog for an open ended stay.  We were also amazingly fortunate that there was the tiniest damage to our garage door (which we planned on replacing in Spring 2013) and NOTHING else.  We didn't even bother putting in a HOI claim.  DH was also able to find both our cars full tanks of gas this past Sunday and found out that we have power at the house yesterday.  We're still going to stay with mom for a few more days because of the next storm that supposed to hit this week which is again threatening our power.

It has been challenging to live with my mom in its own way.  My dad passed away 18 months ago so mom's been on her own in the house.  With us there she's just been so enthused to have company and talk to people that it's become smothering.  Regardless of her schedule, she gets up to see me off to work, wanting to chat over breakfast, and even got up at 6:15am the day DH and I had an early sonogram appt.  She wants to know "what the plan is" every day and wants to have family meals every night.  I do love being with her and she's always been one of my closest friends but I think she's forgotten that DH & I are married and in our 30s.  We have no privacy.  Because of the storm, only 1 TV in my mom's house works so we all have to sit together and watch all night long,  My husband, who works 12-16 hour shifts as a fire fighter will often lay down to nap, my mother woke him up, while he was in "our" room, to see if he "needed anything".  

I also feel like I can't live my own life.  DH likes to kiss my belly and I like to rub it but every time my mother sees it she practically starts crying.  It's a little overwhelming and makes me uncomfortable.  Also after being in clothes that are starting to feel just the tiniest bit snug and having sore breasts, I really just want to come home and take off everything and just throw on a T and sweats.  But being around her I feel like I need to keep my bra and pants on so that I have some modesty.  I can't wait to get back to our own home, which is going to feel like a castle after 2 adults, 1 large dog, 2 suitcases, and a laundry pile have been occupying the same 8x10 bedroom that I grew up in!!

Otherwise, I've been feeling good.  Like I said I'm starting to notice clothes are a bit snug, especially if I was just fittting in to them 2 months ago.  I've given some thought to buying a belly band.  I managed to buy new bras, since I was literally spilling out of my old ones and have already gone up a cup size.  I also notice that I'm less comfortable at times leaning forward and sleeping on my stomach for both boob and growing belly reasons.  I've been more easily exhausted which I'm sure is partly due to not having my own bed.  And although I wouldn't say I've been nauseous (haven't been sick or vomited), I do feel queasy.  I've had this on and off for about 2 weeks but the past several days it happens more often.  It was usually twice a day -- 11am and 3pm -- and would go away if I ate or drank.  Now it's about double that and more intense that I don't feel like eating.  I'll try to drink some water or suck on a piece of gum or candy.  And of course, the frequent urination and constipation.  My bladder will actually start to hurt if I'm not going every 90 minutes or so.  And I feel quite bloated in spite of my attempt to have veggies and fiber supplements.  But if this is all I'm dealing with, I seriously have no complaints.  We're having a baby and it's all worth it!

I see my OB/GYN next Monday for my 8 wk appt (I'll be 8w 4d).  I plan on talking to her about her % of c-sections and openness to birth plans.  I've been with her for several years and really like her, but if she seems "C-section happy" (when not medically necessary) or has old school views of L&D (in bed for hours attached to monitors) I will begin searching for someone new.  I'm not new age-y or anything, but I've always believed that you know what's best for your comfort and body and need a doctor who respects that.  I'll keep you all posted and try to get some more pix up soon.

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