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A Quiet Place

Jan 31, 2009 - 4 comments






















I decided to focus on the positive.  Negativeness has never helped anyone feel better.  (I started to write this earlier only to somehow delete it.  So I hope I will be able to do this  This poem was given to me by my prayer partner.  
     A Quiet Place
I daily seek a quiet place that's far from trouble and strife.
Where I can piece together
All the puzzles of my life
It's there , away from TV and books
& far from the telephone,
That I can fellowship with God;
Just God and I, alone.
And there God pours his balm
of love into the life I live,
(and there I find a peace & joy
that only God can give.
I will not fear the circumstance
I face from day to day,)
For daily in my quiet place,
I'm learning how to pray.

                         Author Unknown

I really enjoyed the whole poem put the lines enclosed in parenthesis was especially meaningful to me.  I hope someone rading this will find a blessing.  God bless.  Oh, all of my friends out there please do not hesitate telling me I am being negative and to get off my pitty pot.  I really will appreciate all the help I can get in changing my attitude.

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713582 tn?1298262321
by jellybean14fun, Jan 31, 2009
Stubby, I find positive affirmations & saying them over & over really helps me change my negative thinking.  

Thank you for sharing this poem...its beautiful...& I know in myself that the Universe always looks after me.  

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by BBoo79, Jan 31, 2009
This is such a beautiful poem.  Thanks for posting it!

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Jan 31, 2009
That was beautiful, Stubby. Thank you for sharing! I, too, have been trying to focus on the positive things more and let go of the negativity in my life. It's not always easy. Thanks for the reminder.
I think we all need to find our quiet place more often than we actually do. Maybe we'd have more peace on earth if everyone would take the time to find their quiet place rather than take out their frustrations on the world. What a thought!
God bless you, my friend. I don't think you are feeling sorry for yourself. I think you've just gone through a lot.

517201 tn?1400906700
by ILuvWilko1956, Jan 31, 2009
Bravo bravo!


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