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neurology appt

Nov 06, 2012 - 0 comments








Saw Md today to go over previous lab results, already had done this with Family doc, so appt was unnessacary but hey guess the guys gotta eat. scheduled for Ep testing next week, but was told nothing wrong with me...not that he can't find anything , but that There is nothing. Was'nt hopeful as I've heard all sorts of tales of others going years without a dx, but to say in so few words that It's in my head was a bit hard to swallow, when obviously something was going on to bring me to a point that I sought out help only to have everything shoved in my face. Great day! additional note, still having pain in my tailbone, but I guess that's in my head also.
Also have decided to go off elavil to see if it makes a difference

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