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PSC folks sooo Happy

Nov 07, 2012 - 0 comments

I went to my PCP and saw all the clinic folks, but I didnt go upstairs. Anyway everyone was raving about how much weightIhave lost andsaid my neck looks so skinny and one worker said I didnt need to lose anymore. Okay I clearly am still obese, so I still want to shed 47 more pounds,  it felt really good gettig all the compliments and encouragement. I feel like I am figuring out how to balance having occasional treats and other days being very focused and regimented with my diet. Ex: yesterday we were traveling and I jus had to have some sugar to try and stay awake. It was still hard though. I dozed a few times. I ran up 2 colossal flights of stairs and had to almost drag my legs upthe 3rd flight. We watched the marching band state finals and it was wa awesome. I ate half a bag of peanuts watching that - 3 servings by myself. I keep over doing it with these nuts but they taste sooo good, and they give my mouth something to do. I tried chewing gum, but that gets old. anway we were out so late andnow i am dead tired so i gotta go to sleep. unfortunately i have not had exercise these past 2 days. so i will have to make up for it somehow.

Pounds Down
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