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Tom's Lung Transplant

Mar 06, 2008 - 1 comments

lung transplant

1 wk ago my husband had a lung transplant the operation was a success...but his recovery is not good...he has 2 drain tubes in his lung area and alot of pain...air is leaking from his lung...his heart is being controlled with medication for he is not in sinus rythmn on his own.....The doctor says it has to stop on its own [the air leak]...They have him on high dosages of pain medication which worries me....It was his left lung that they transplanted....Im worried that he may just give up....which is not like him...he is very irritable..which i can understand....

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by grannyjw, Mar 20, 2008
Hi,  my mom had a right lung transplant on March 12, 2008.  She, too, is doing very well but has had many ups and downs.  The lastest is that she has an air leak in which they are CT scanning this morning.  Although she has been doing most of her own breathing for the last couple days with very little assistance from the ventilator they will not remove the tube until they are postive she is ready which I am glad of.  However, I worry that she will give up too. You never know exactly how coherent they are with all the meds and what they may be feeling or thinking.  A gentleman received the left lung from the same donor and he already is up and moving, eating, etc.  I am very happy for him but it makes us feel less successful.  

I wish you the best and stay in touch.  

Lilly, Lexington,  KY

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