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Mild gastritis

Nov 12, 2012 - 5 comments

took 20 mg omeprazole in the morning before breakfast. Ate 3 slices of white bread for breakfast. No heartburn, no nausea.

At noon, ate salad w/ very little Raspberry Vinaigraitte dressing. The salad had lettuce, crackers, eggs, soft whit tofu, and carrott.

at 3pm, mild heartburn and mild nausea. Gone by 4.30pm. The hearburn and nausea came back at around 5.45pm.

Drank 1 cup of green tea throughout the day.

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by Betska, Dec 07, 2012
I had green tea yesterday and notice it makes me feel reflux and its decaf what about u?

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by Gastritis_girl, Dec 07, 2012
Green tea actually worked for me, tho not as well as I wanted to...I still did had reflux. Peppermint tea actually works better, I think...esp when you get nauseous with the reflux.

Buuut I just tried this new herbal's called Health King GastroEase tea. It claims to balance your gastric acid and the recommended amount to drink each day is 2-4 teabags (depending on how bad your gastritis is). I've been drinking 3-4 bags every day for the past week or so (on top of taking two 20mg omeprazole each day), and I have to say it's working!!! Before i started drinking this tea, sometimes I still had some heartburn while taking 20mg omeprazole twice a day, but ever since I started drinking this tea on top of the meds, i haven't had any heartburn or reflux at all.

The tea is decaf and I drink 2 bags throughout the day at work, then 2 bags at night till I go to bed. usually I would get heartburn & pretty bad reflux at far while drinking this tea, i havent had that night reflux & heartburn anymore. So I've stopped drinking green tea now and just drink this Health King tea.

Go check it out and see if it works for you. I bought the packet of 20 bags...and i just suscribed to have four 20-bag packets sent to me every month. Also trying the other Health King teas such as HeadacheEase (because I have iron-deficiency anemia, I get headaches sometimes), etc.

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by Betska, Jan 23, 2013
Just having a look at what is in the tea you been drinking and about to buy it till I seen jasmine as a ingredient and I am allergic to jasmin so probably not something I can have :(. I am on 2 ompeparazole I take one round lunch and other later but have notice having trouble going to sleep since being on 2 a day and think I need take them together early in day, the dr has now got me also on monilotium 3 a day 30mins before I eat he thinks this acid thing might be I have a slow gut, anyway yesterday was a great day, I ate anything I wanted and not a drop of reflux but today after my usual breakfast I got a bit of acid then after my morning tea of toast and honey I feel a bit acid again. So its only day 5 on new tablets so lets hope.I am going the health store today and might see what they have to offer that wont break my bank balance, last time they tried booking me into a naturopath, why not explain what they think you have and offer the products instead of being all criptic and trying to get you in for a consult I cannot afford? So I do me own online research free.

1444053 tn?1365456815
by Betska, Jan 23, 2013
hey just seen you posted u also get iron problems, me too maybe a connection with acid and iron? do u get allergies in spring as well?

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by Gastritis_girl, Jun 20, 2013
Yes, sometimes I do get allergies in the spring as well. And yes, I thought there's a connection with acid and iron (i.e. ulcers lead to iron-deficiency anemia), but I had an upper GI procedure done and there's no ulcers. Just gastritis.

HOw are you doing with your gastritis?

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