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Day 29   14.11.12

Nov 13, 2012 - 2 comments




One month since the ablation procedure.
My bruises have faded to two blotches of darker coloured flesh. The area is no longer tender.
My catheter wounds are not tender either. The largest one is still bumpy but the other two are just tiny scars.

Mostly I feel well. I have energy but I find I can't overspend it. If I do too much then I get very tired and it carries over to the next day.
I am not very fit. I can walk a distance but if i walk quickly I feel a bit light headed.

I have had a few episodes of light headedness. It is often after bending over. One evening I scared myself when i got light headed a bit nauseous. I thought i was going to have another scary racing heart episode and i felt my heart pounding but when i rested for a bit i was fine and my heartrate was normal. In retrospect I think I may have had a bit of a panic attack after the first couple of symptoms.

I am still un-nerved from my afib experience and my heartstopping faint (from the accidental vagus nerve pressure after my procedure). I definitely need some reassurance that i am fine now and that i can trust my heart.

The recovery period has certainly been a lot longer than I expected. I hope that once i get my physical fitness back I will feel great. I certainly haven't had any of my WPW dizzy spells since the ablation and my heartbeat is much more settled. I don't notice many odd beats at all now.

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by demps123, Nov 20, 2012
I have also noticed the odd moment of lightheadedness, but mainly when i am tired and have over done it. I think it is just something that time will heal. I'm glad you have not had any WPW symptoms. Touch wood i am also doing ok and have not had the awful dizzyness and palpitations that i had before. I still also have the slight anxiety and i think once i see my EP Dr for a follow up i will feel alot calmer and will be able to put it behind me. I still find myself thinking that i am going to experience the fast heart beat again and i think it is slightly stopping me from getting on with doing exercises. Anyway glad you are doing ok and i can't believe it has been a month!

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by hesterbox, Nov 21, 2012
Thank you.
I have felt even better this week.
The time has gone by fast.

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