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The positive in negative habits

Feb 02, 2009 - 10 comments























eagles wings

I believe I have already mentioned that I seem to collect almost anything with no rhyme or reason.  Lately I have tried to work on making some  organization out of my accumalations.  I tend to save everything, any card, clipping, quotation, ect.  The difficulty of trying to organize all these bits and pieces is:  I frequently stop what I am sorting to read anything I think is interesting.  This will then create memories that are either positive, sad, funny, or or uplifting.  When this happens I realize what others may think is a collection of basically nothing is a box of so many words of value that I can share with others.I will try not to bore people but as I find words that have been gifts to me I will pray that may just 1 reader find a word encouraging .

Waiting is the hardest
when we feel our need is great,
But it helps if we remember
that our God is never late.
He knows our deepest longings,
and He times things perfectly.
For in His love, He only does
what's best for you and me.
Wait patiently and realize
that God is in control
As you RENEW your strength in Him
and once again feel whole
You'll MOUNT UP over obstacles
with the power of eagles' wings.
You'll RUN and not be wearied
by the challenges ife brings.
You'll WALK and not feel overwhelmed,
but stronger than before,
If you wait upon the Lord
tillHe renews your strength once more.

Emily Matthews

I felt this was so right on for where so many of us are these days.

This quotation was on the front of a card  by Jeanne Morris

I did not have an easy road to travel,
but every time I reached the point where trouble
was so deep
that I thought
I could go no further
came along
to help me
the deepest drifts.

I didn't alwaysknow
who these people were,
but I always knew
who sent them.

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455167 tn?1259257871
by boogieman, Feb 03, 2009
you too, huh. i got lots of miscellaneous stuff too----the older, the better. glad you posted this---i really like the second one as it describes my journey well. thank you.          gm

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by stubby226, Feb 03, 2009
I am so glad I am not the only one that collects "stuff".  I actually have sayings, poems, and comments I saved a a child at camp, age 10.  It really is inspiring to me to see where I was and all the ups and downs .  I also try to keep journals.  I have a horrible habit of not being consistent.  I have so many journals I have started only to loose them and start another.  Interesting enough they are still enlightening and helpful.  I actually a book I started when I was 18 and going thru alot of problems with my ex husband.  I kepp them and refer back to them.  It lets me know just how far I have come.  I am being a jabber mout.  Take care.

611067 tn?1458591483
by HelpinUtah, Feb 03, 2009
Me too!  LOL!!!!  I loved the quotes you shared!  Thanks!!!!  I needed to read those today!  Beautiful!  Hugs, Janet

365714 tn?1292199108
by MJIthewriter, Feb 03, 2009
Wow. I may as well have written this journal about clutter and the things I accumulate.

Those quotes were great! I agree about the waiting part, even though it seemed to be just part of the poem. I think a lot of my anxiety and crying spells come because of being unable to wait for something or another.  I want instant results...

One of those was as I was coming into the house. I thought I forgot the house keys to get in. I panked at the door because I hated the thought of having to wait out in the cold.  Then I thought to get the house key from our secret area.  I got in and found I had the keys in my pocket the whole time. >_<  If I could have waited and stopped to think more clearly.

189069 tn?1323402138
by babypooh, Feb 03, 2009
Thanks so much for posting this. It's great! It made me feel better :) Thank you!!!!!

541150 tn?1306033843
by PrettyKitty1, Feb 03, 2009
Good Lord, this is so good! Excellent entry, stubby. I loved it!


203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Feb 03, 2009
These are great.I hope AJ sees them. They might give her a little comfort right now.

189069 tn?1323402138
by babypooh, Feb 03, 2009
That's exactly what I was thinking, April! I hope she does.

713582 tn?1298262321
by jellybean14fun, Feb 03, 2009
How so true..... thanks for sharing.

728731 tn?1235638999
by sgolder, Feb 04, 2009
I think it must be an Add thing, one day we will have discuss our collections and see if there is anything the other is interested in.
May I recommend loose leaf binders, they are great for storing all those pages from mag and newspprs also pages printed from computer.
Hope all is well with you, I am ok, Brad has spent last three days sleeping for 90% of the day, really bad depression, but I am trying not to let it get me down too.
Hope the Birthdays went well. Talk soon.

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