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28 weeks 1 day

Nov 13, 2012 - 0 comments

Technically, it's 28 weeks 2 days, since it's past midnight now.
      I have not been on Medhelp for months. I have been spending a lot of time on BabyCenter. The Forums there are more active than here and there are less people asking "Am I Pregnant" in the Birth Club Forums.
I had my last OB appt on Nov 12. I had a 1hr sugar test and they drew blood for some other stuff that I didn't even bother asking about. lol. I figure it was an iron check and something else.
      I have already had the sugar test in July AND September!! I always fail the 1 hour test and pass the 3 hour. So I have had the 1 hour test 3 times so far. I was expecting them to call me today to tell I failed and to come in for the 3 hour, but they have not. So I will call in the morning to see if I did in fact fail, because I would have to take it thursday, since my husband is off work. He is working next week and I would rather go by myself than worry about my almost 3 yr old while I'm bored and nauseous. I always feel like crap when doing the 3 hour sugar test.
      Anyway, It was a pretty routine visit. The nurse checked my weight, blood pressure and had me give a urine sample, the OB checked the babies heart beats. I wasn't sure if she was going to check my cervix or not, but I am going to be seeing her every 2 weeks now. I have seen her with my 3 other pregnancies and my 1st was born on her due date, but the other 2 were born after. So I guess since I haven't had any problems, she figures I am okay.

      My Next OB appt is Nov 27 and I will be having another ultrasound. On October 30, the boys were weighing in at 2lbs and 2lb 1oz(I think I was 26wks 1 day). Baby A is breech and Baby B is vertex. On Oct 4 they had been the other way around, Baby A had been vertex and Baby B had been breech(1lb2oz&1lb3oz). There is still a chance they might change position again. Baby B is the one measuring an oz bigger.
I am hoping that I will be able to try to deliver vaginally. My OB didn't mention a c-section at my last appt, but she did at the one before that. I feel that since I have already delivered 3 vaginally, that I should at least get a chance to try that way. If it was my first pregnancy, I think I would feel differently. I have no problem having an emergency c-section, if it's necessary. I'm going to be in an OR anyway, because I've read online that that is where they make people deliver twins... in case they do need a c-section.
      We do aready have names picked out, but lie to anyone who asks. lol. My MIL has asked so many times. I do NOT want my kids names sewn into their clothes or anything else. We plan on them sharing their stuff.
I can't really think of anything else right now that I want to add. I know I haven't been on in awhile and just wanted to add what I could off the top of my head.

I added a pic of the gender ultrasound and a pic of me at about 26 weeks 2 days in my photos.
I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!!

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