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Day 30  15.11.12 Exercise

Nov 14, 2012 - 3 comments

I just did some skipping and I feel fine.
I used to do 500 skips every morning but I haven't for about 10 weeks.
This morning I did some stretches-I started doing my stretches again last week-and 50 skips.
50 skips seems  minimal but I thought I would start small and build back up to my previous amount gradually.

I am really enjoying how normal my heart feels when I am in bed at night, going to sleep.

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by demps123, Nov 15, 2012
that's really good to hear. I think starting out slowly is the best way to go then build yourself up. I think i feel ready to start doing some light exercise again. Did you used to get alot of issues before you went to sleep then? Glad you are doing well.

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by hesterbox, Nov 17, 2012
Thank you.
I often had more funny heartbeats at night but I mainly wrote that because I didn't have any discomfort from the ablation or the heavy sensation that I had when on Betablockers, any more.
I am up to 100 skips now. How are you going?

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by demps123, Nov 21, 2012
I'm doing ok thanks. I went for my first proper walk at the weekend. Before the ablation my friend and i used to go for long 2-3 hour walks through the country side. So i went for an hours walk on Sunday and i felt so good after. I took that as a sign to maybe start doing some gradual exercise and more walking. Then i will build up to horse riding again. I have really missed it and i can't wait to get back in the sadle. May wait till after Christmas now just to give myself more time. So i'm getting there. I find that if i'm tired i feel really tired. But it's a nice tired compared to what i felt before. I find reading your journals interesting as you are only probably a week ahead of me, so it's nice to see what difference a week can make.

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