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Ultra sound results

Mar 06, 2008 - 4 comments




Today was my first ultrasound after starting stims.  I have 6 follies on the right and 7 on the left.  I asked what happened to my 10 and 10 and the RE said they still can grow with continuation of stims.  The largest one on the left is 10 and the largest on the right is a 7.   I have about 5 days left of stims.  I am also using a growth hormone beginning on Sat. until my ER date. I should start Ganorellix soon as well. Probably Sat.  Ugh!  That's 4 shots a day! Plus blood draws!

I definitely responded better to the stims in cycle #1.  I don't know what to think of all this.

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by Helen72, Mar 06, 2008
I hope your other 7 follies start to grow and mature before ER.
Sorry about all the shots  :(
I just got my meds this morning in a huge FedEx box.  Can't even imagine injecting all of that into myself.  
Wishing you many follies on your next u/s!!!!

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by SDScientist, Mar 06, 2008
You have 13 follies growing.  That is great!!!  Not all your antral follicles necessarily respond to the stims, but you definitely could have a few more on each side start growing.  Also I think it depends on the positioning of the follicles.  Every time I had an u/s during the last three cycles the follicle count was different.  In this cycle, the first u/s (Day 7 stims) I had what was it 18 and the next day 21? Hello, I didn't grow 3 big follies over night.  And two of them he couldn't see enough to measure, but he got them all. I think as they grow they push each other around.  So you could already have more than he can see.  
I hate this saying, but it is true...Quality is better than quantity.  There is just a perceived safety in numbers.  
Hang in there with all those shots.  ER will be here before you know and then you can join me in the "Nightly shot in the butt" club. ;)  

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by SDteacher, Mar 06, 2008
Thanks for checking in with my journal.  I made an error.  The largest on the left is 10 (as posted) and the largest on the right is a 9 (not a 7). I hope you are right, SDScientist, about them moving around and not being able to see them all. I know the saying about quality v. quanity but I sure would like to have some left over to freeze this time around.  Hey, if this all works out for you & you're preggo, want to donate an egg?  You have so many leftovers!  J/K!

Helen,  I felt overwhelmed too by the big box of meds.  I went to big lots and bought the plastic 3 drawer organizer to organize all my stuff.  I even went as far as separating the needles into ziplocs by size and labeled the bags to the meds. (ie. 1 1/2" for Progesterone)

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by hopngfortwns08, Mar 07, 2008

wanted to say good luck with ur cycle!! and u still ahve 5 days to go alot can happen in thoase fivedays but 13 is vey good :)

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